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Kanji Kai

We would like to
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Kai Sushi Bar is a restaurant that delivers its vision of Japanese cuisine through unique dishes which stand out for their flavor and technique.

As in the tradition of Euskadi and Japan, we value the quality of all our products, treating them with respect and minimal altering.


Kai Susihi Bar San Sebastian

We would like to offer you a space in which
you can let yourself be carried away by the
creations of our sushi bar and kitchen

Come and sit at our sushi bar and watch our chef prepare sashimi, makis and nigiris, or book a table to enjoy unrepeatable moments in good company. We have prepared a selection of wines and sakes aiming to complete your experience.

Beyond a traditional restaurant, around the sushi bar we seek to foster complicity and a relationship between diner and sushiman, where they interact, recipes are executed and magic happens at the end of an important value chain.


“Harbor” in Basque, “Ocean” in Japanese

Three letters that link two cultures

Our chef Sebastián Pincheira, after setting sail from his country (Chile) sailed to Australia, Japan, Euskadi, Andalusia, Catalonia, motivated by the passion that Japanese cuisine ignites in him. He finally decided to land in Donostia. It is his personal port, where he wants to land after a great trip.


In the professional field, Kai also refers to the connection of the sea with the land. Ocean in Japanese and harbor in Basque. It is that connection point where the gastronomy he wants to develop finds the perfect setting to get 100% of its expression.

Sebastian Pincheira

“We aim to develop our gastronomic offer
from the complexity of simplicity”

Kai Sushi
Bar & Restaurante